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Ultra-thin veneers with minimal enamel removal

Our dental medical center offers you to install veneers without teeth turning in Kiev very quickly and at an affordable cost. Make your dream of a flawless smile come true and charm those around you.

They say that a gap between the teeth (diastema) is for luck. There is a sign that its owners are more fortunate, and many stars, such as Madonna, Vanessa Paradis and Lara Stone, even consider it their zest and are not going to fix it. But omens are omens, and many people (especially young girls) are ashamed of this gap and dream of “closing” it without damaging their teeth.

Then veneers come to the rescue – composite or porcelain plates that are installed on the outer layer of the tooth and make the smile more beautiful. Veneers also improve the functionality of the teeth.

Installation of veneers without turning in Kiev is not a medical, but a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes it is done for medical reasons. Consider why veneers are needed and what they are.

Indications for installing veneers
Indications for installing this kind of overlays are:
Diastema (the notorious gap between teeth)
Tooth shape defect, curvature
Cracks and chips from trauma, lack of calcium in the body or poor dental hygiene.
If the teeth in the front row differ greatly in size and shape
· The enamel has darkened, stains have appeared on the teeth.

What veneers can be installed at IIlli Dental?
· Lumineers – the thinnest ceramic veneers. Their thickness, as a rule, does not exceed 0.3 mm. Does not require anesthesia and turning.
· Ceramics – ceramic veneers are good because they not only correct a smile, but also protect against plaque.
· Composite veneers – are installed to replace one damaged area of ​​the tooth. They look very aesthetically pleasing and natural.

Diastemas are also perfectly corrected due to braces. But many people do not want to wear braces for a long time. For example, in modeling or show business, a beautiful smile is needed “for yesterday”, and then people resort to installing veneers. Veneers are also used when the patient wants to have a beautiful smile, but braces cannot be placed on him for a number of medical reasons.

Veneers: with or without turning?
As a rule, the tooth is ground before installing the veneer plate. However, patients whose teeth are in principle healthy, but they are not satisfied with the aesthetic component, want to know: is it possible to install veneers without turning, the price and conditions of this procedure.
Yes, you can place veneers without grinding your teeth. But for this, the tooth must be completely healthy. There should be no caries on it, otherwise the installation of a veneer simply does not make sense – caries will begin to shine through, and the situation will only get worse.

What does Illi Dental Medical Center offer?
Complete cure of caries and installation of veneers without turning in Kiev, using high-quality dental materials and dental equipment of the latest generation. The work is carried out under a microscope, by experienced and qualified dentists, with full agreement on the final result with the patient. Anesthesia is not required for this procedure, since the installation of veneers is completely painless.
An individual selection of the material, color and size of the veneer plates is made individually for each patient. The end result is a healthy, natural and attractive smile that is even invisible to dental intervention. This is the highest class that a dentist can show.
As for the durability of veneers, their service life is unlimited. The plates are placed once and do not need regular correction. But the longevity of the veneer can be influenced by the patient himself. If you regularly brush your teeth, take care of them and check with the dentist for caries, the snow-white and durable veneers (and with them your own teeth) will remain for life. In principle, caring for standard veneers is no different from caring for the oral cavity, so this cosmetic intervention will not cause you any problems.

Order veneers without turning at # nbsp; Illi Dental and be irresistible!

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