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Teeth whitening

In nature, absolutely white teeth do not exist; their shade is associated with the color of the dentin, which is located under the enamel. However, each of us dreams of becoming the owner of a snow-white smile, because this is the most important part of the image of a successful person, a sign of health and an indicator of the success of its owner. Therefore, the service of whitening for 1 session in a private medical dental center in Kiev is becoming more and more in demand. Dental technologies have reached such heights today that they can easily give everyone a radiant smile. At the same time, the procedure is completely safe and hygienic, it takes place without any discomfort or painful sensations. After the examination, the doctor selects the most suitable teeth whitening method for you.

How it works?
Laser whitening in Kiev in 1 session is the most popular way to whiten teeth, because this procedure takes only about 20 minutes, and the desired shade can actually be achieved in one visit to the doctor. With the help of a laser, the doctor can set the most accurate exposure indicators, while fully controlling the whitening process. Such clarification is recognized today as the most effective, fast and harmless method that does not cause side effects.
Depending on the operating mode, the laser is capable of lightening the enamel by several tones at once. Thus, the procedure allows you to whiten teeth of any type and shade. During the session, the patient at the Illi Dental Dental Medical Center rests calmly in a comfortable chair, and the total exposure time on each tooth is up to 2 minutes. Therefore, there is almost no sensitivity in the whitening process, and the effect is more pronounced: the procedure takes place not just under the influence of hydrogen peroxide, but also due to the ability of the laser to break down pigments. This method gives excellent aesthetic results. Professional cleaning of enamel will easily remove plaque, darkening from cigarettes, coffee, wine and other coloring products.

Professional teeth whitening in 1 session in our dental medical center has many advantages: all procedures are carried out here by qualified doctors, complete clarification safety due to the use of a whitening gel that excludes any damage to the enamel, etc.
Teeth quality after the procedure

Through numerous studies, it was found that laser teeth whitening not only does not harm the enamel, but also contributes to its greater strength (due to the compaction of the structure, the hardness of the enamel increases by an average of 37%). The whiteness of the enamel after lightening remains, as a rule, for a fairly long time, especially if the recommendations of the doctor of the Illi Dental dental medical center regarding nutrition are followed (the results of teeth whitening usually last for more than 1 year). After the procedure, the patient is prescribed a special “white diet” for several days. And with careful daily care, the whitening effect remains even for several years. In addition, due to its short duration, such a procedure can be completed even during lunchtime.

The price of laser whitening for 1 session at Illi Dental is quite affordable, patients with different income levels can afford such a procedure. The beauty of a smile is in your hands. Our dental medical center always offers you high quality service and excellent service at a loyal price policy. A team of professionals is constantly working to ensure that your smile remains healthy and snow-white for as long as possible!

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