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Implantation without incisions

At Illi Dental Dental Medical Center, experienced doctors perform a non-incision dental implantation procedure.
Implantation without incisions is a non-surgical technology that allows you to restore a lost tooth without cutting the gums and peeling soft tissues from the jawbone, just through a small puncture in the gum!
What are the indications for using this method?
– the absence of one or more teeth, in # nbsp; including the extreme;
– complete adentia – the absence of all teeth in a row;
– the need to restore teeth as soon as possible;
– the minimum number of visits for tooth restoration.

Advantages of the non-incision dental implantation method at Illi Dental Dental Medical Center:

1. Minimal trauma
In comparison with the surgical method of implantation, which is fraught with discomfort, edema and hematomas after the operation and a very long recovery time, this method significantly reduces pain and does not require surgery with the removal of stitches.
You will still have to make an incision, but at the same time its dimensions will coincide with the diameter of the implant, that is, no more than a few millimeters.

2. High survival rate
The absence of traumatic surgical procedures and the use of the latest technologies for laser implantation using modern materials is an almost 100% guarantee of implant survival.

3. Comfort of the procedure and early rehabilitation
Unlike classical implantation, which takes about 1.5 hours per visit, and several of them may be needed, dental implantation without incisions is carried out within 15 minutes. Well, the rehabilitation period itself will be reduced by 3 times, and the next day patients can go to work.

4. Reliability and durability of the procedure
Implants that are installed through punctures in the gums last more than 10 years. They are hardy from the point of view of the distribution of the chewing load.

Stages of dental implantation without incisions
First stage
Formation of the channel for the implant through the puncture and the installation of the implant itself, already connected to the gingiva former, which serves as a gingival adapter. The place of the implant installation, as well as its shape, is precisely determined using a special high-precision apparatus. In this case, local anesthesia is used. Already here, at this stage, a temporary crown is installed, if there is a need for it from the point of view of aesthetics.

Second phase
Replacing the gingival adapter with an abutment (a technical element that connects the body of the dental implant and the ceramic crown) and directly installing the permanent crown. The second stage is carried out 2-3 months after the first visit.
What are the contraindications for dental implantation without a gum incision?
This technique made it possible to reduce the existing early list of contraindications. For example, people who have poor wound healing (diabetics and endocrine system diseases), the implantation procedure has become available.
But still, there are certain contraindications. These include: patients with mental disabilities, cardiovascular diseases, with severe stages of osteoporosis and endocrine diseases.

Where can surgical implantation be performed without?
Dental medical center Illi Dental in Kiev offers to carry out the procedure of dental implantation without incisions in absolutely comfortable and high quality. Qualified specialists of the Illi Dental Dental Medical Center carry out implantation-free installation using modern laser equipment.

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