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Dental treatment under a microscope

In our dental medical center, you will receive effective dental treatment under a microscope, the cost of which will pleasantly surprise you, and the result will surpass all expectations.
The introduction of modern technologies in dentistry allows us to go beyond standard treatment protocols, improve them, and give the patient a more individualized, high-quality cure for his ailment.
In surgical practice, most operations are performed under a microscope. This is done in order to avoid gross mistakes and microtraumas, which subsequently lead to an aggravation of the problem. Multiple enlargement of the problem area provides invaluable benefits to both the doctor and the patient.

Why is it worth treating teeth under a microscope?
Using a dental microscope is another step towards a fulfilling life with healthy teeth.

The first advantage of this treatment is the maximum preservation of the tooth. In dental work without a microscope, damage to healthy tissue cannot be avoided. By approaching the affected area 20 or more times using the CJ OPTICS dental microscope, it is possible to achieve a point effect on the problem, without disturbing nearby healthy tissues. This guarantees high precision of work.

Even the smallest tooth is a complex structure with canals. The canals, in turn, contain tiny mouths and branches. Therefore, when working with canals, the microscope is especially important – the doctor will be able to impeccably clean, process and seal not just every canal, but every “branch” of it. This gives a 100% guarantee that the healed tooth will not hurt again. After all, repeated pain most often occurs due to the little things overlooked by the dentist.

In dentistry, there is such a term as “marginal adhesion of the filling.” It means the tightness of the clogging of the tooth with a filling, without the penetration of air and microparticles harmful to the tooth, which we receive with food, alcohol, and sometimes air if we live in an environmentally unfavorable environment.
Therefore, its durability and the absence of the need for re-treatment depend on the tightness of the seal. The use of a microscope in dentistry allows you to achieve full adherence, which means – guarantees that the filling will last for a long time and will not cause any inconvenience to the patient.

Painlessness and comfort
It is not painful to treat teeth under a microscope – after all, the dentist sees where the patient has a painful area, and where the nerve is exposed, and therefore acts sparingly and even gently. The dentist does not have to poke tools at random and ask “where it hurts” – the doctor sees everything himself. Dental treatment under a microscope at Illi Dental Medical Center provides a gentle and gentle treatment of the tooth, thus achieving psychological and physical comfort for the patient.
In some cases, the anatomical structure of the tooth provides additional channels that simply cannot be seen without a microscope. Multiple approximation allows you to thoroughly read information about the tooth, study the root canal system to the smallest detail, detect microcracks in hard-to-reach places, such as the roots or the bottom of the tooth.
Dental treatment under a microscope in Kiev at the Illi Dental medical center allows you to save even the most hopeless teeth. We are visited by people who, unknowingly, were sent to remove a tooth. But the situation can still be saved, the tooth can be healed, and the person can not be injured. After all, the removal of one tooth is, albeit a small one, an injury that lowers the quality of life.
With the help of a dental microscope, it is possible to effectively retreat incorrectly filled teeth, determine the class and density of the filling, find the real cause of toothache, completely remove the infected material and process the tooth so that it never causes inconvenience again, on the contrary, it will serve faithfully for the rest of its life.

For a service such as dental treatment with a microscope, the price at the Illi Dental medical center is available to every patient. Visit us and get the treatment you deserve!

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