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The saying “meet by clothes” – not entirely true. Psychologists unanimously say that the impression about a person is formed primarily due to his smile – sincerity of facial expressions, healthy white teeth and a correct bite form in your interlocutor the image of a prosperous, healthy and reliable person in your face. Smiling affects personal life and even business success. But the most important thing is that a healthy bite and correct dentition prevent a whole range of dental and even gastroenterological diseases. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the bite and position of the teeth in a timely manner in order to end the complexes once and for all and preserve your health. Our orthodontist in Kiev will help you with this.

What industry is orthodontics?
Orthodontics (or Orthodontics) is a dental field, the main specialization of which is the correction of occlusion and various maxillofacial anomalies. There is a common misconception that such things can only be corrected in childhood and adolescence. In fact, it is never too late to deal with bite. It’s just that in adults, the correction takes longer – from one year to several years.
Correction of bite is understood as a change in the shape of the dentition in order to maximize their approximation to the physiological norm. This event is not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic in nature, because people with malocclusion are most often prone to caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease and even non-dental diseases such as sinusitis and gastritis. And on the contrary, people with the correct bite find it easier to chew and live a full life.

How do you know when it’s time for an orthodontist?
The first visit to the orthodontist should take place at 3-4 years old, after all milk teeth have erupted. After six years of age, milk teeth begin to replace permanent ones, and parents should again bring their child to an orthodontist to make sure that the bite is correct. At the age of eighteen, you need to make another scheduled visit to this doctor to make sure that all the teeth have grown correctly and the jaws are in the correct position.
But if you have already reached adulthood and are experiencing inconvenience because of your bite, the shape and location of your teeth, it will not hurt to meet with an orthodontist in order to finally start a full life without complexes.

Orthodontics at Illi Dental Dental Medical Center
Orthodontics in Kiev begins with the Illi Dental Dental Medical Center. Individual work with each client, taking into account all his needs and expectations, turns into an effective, comfortable and painless correction of maxillofacial anomalies and occlusion defects.
Most often, the correction of the bite and dentition in adults and children occurs with the help of braces. We use only innovative manufacturing technologies and methods for installing braces. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid injury to the gingival mucosa and damage to the tooth enamel. The braces that we will put on you are small and light, they do not stand out against the background of the general dentition and have an aesthetic appearance. Our systems do not spoil the diction and make it possible to shorten the period of orthodontological correction.

For you, we will take impressions of the dentition, draw up diagnostic models, discuss with you all your wishes and select the most comfortable and effective treatment option.

Illi Dental is an affordable and high-quality orthodontics in Kiev, the price and efficiency of which will appeal to you.

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