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in the center of Kiev


We use the latest technologies, methods of treatment and diagnosis. We regularly study abroad and apply new knowledge in practice to provide patients with international treatment.

We have our own three-stage tool cleaning technology, which guarantees 100% safety. In a special room, after each patient is chemically treated with disinfectants certified in Switzerland. Then the tools are packed in individual disposable bags and sent to the autoclave. Under the influence of a temperature of 160 degrees there is a final sterilization.
Modern equipment from Germany and Italy
Each device is certified and purchased from official representatives. In principle, we do not use Chinese equipment, consumables, and other cheap analogues. Our chairs with orthopedic mattresses with memory effect, for the maximum comfort of the client.
Honesty to the client
Starting with the initial consultation, all stages of the work are photographed, and with X-rays displayed on the big screen. Together with the client, we analyze the current condition in the photo, select a treatment strategy, agree on deadlines, discuss the expected result and the final cost. At the exit you have a clear, understandable treatment plan with photos.
Our prices
Hygiene and whitening
  • Professional hygiene of 2 jaws (AirFlow + Ultrasound) 2 300 uah
  • Teeth whitening 5400 uah
  • Planned oral hygiene 2050 uah
Channel treatment
  • Primary treatment of the 1st canal of the tooth from 2 100 uah
  • Re-treatment of the 1st canal of the tooth 2 700 uah
  • Extraction of foreign body from the canal tooth 2100 uah
  • Initial examination and consultation 420 uah
  • Full consultation with CT and photo protocol, preparation of a treatment plan 2 215 uah
  • Individual sterile set 200 uah
  • OptraGate installation 150 uah
  • Drawing up a treatment plan with computed tomography 1 200 uah
  • Condylography in / h and n / h 10 000 uah
  • Digital print 1 200 uah
  • Computed tomography with jaws (upper + lower) 1 200 uah
  • Computed tomography of the jaw segment 450 uah
  • Panoramic photo 400 uah
  • Aiming radiography (patients of the clinic) 150 uah
Orthopedic dentistry
  • Installation of a ceramic overlay 9 900 uah
  • Installation of a ceramic overlay (budget) 6 600 uah
  • Installation of an aesthetic crown 11 600 uah
  • Installation of a metal-ceramic crown Standard class 4 600 uah
  • Installation of a metal-ceramic crown Expert class 6 900 uah
  • Installation of a metal-free crown 11 100 uah
  • Installation of veneer metal-free ultrathin 10 400 uah
  • Installation of a metal-free crown expert level 17 225 uah
  • Installation of metal-free ultra-thin ceramic veneer 19 600 uah
  • Installation of a complete removable prosthesis 15 600 uah
  • Installation of a partial replacement prosthesis 13 200 uah
  • Installation of a temporary replacement prosthesis 4 200 uah
  • Installation of a tab of an INTERLOCK pin 1 470 uah
  • Installation of a tab of a cult cast 1 200 uah
  • Installation of a tab of a cult cast folding 1 600 uah
  • Installation of a tab of a cult with a press facing 3 800 uah
  • Installation of a cult tab with opaque 2 200 uah
  • Installation of a cult tab with composite facing 2 900 uah
  • Installation of metal-free ceramics (Standard) 7 200 uah
  • Installation of a metal-ceramic crown (Budget) 2 700 uah
  • Composite dental onlay 4 400 uah
  • Installation of a tab of cult cast with a press facing (Standard) 2 400 uah
Therapeutic dentistry
  • Dental filling V class 900 uah
  • Dental filling I class 1 000 uah
  • Computer anesthesia 380 uah
Aesthetic dentistry
  • Tooth restoration, 1/4 of the tooth surface 1 200 uah
  • Tooth restoration, 2/4 of the tooth surface 1 500 uah
  • Tooth restoration, 3/4 of the tooth surface 2 100 uah
  • Tooth restoration, 4/4 of the tooth surface 2 500 uah
  • Expert-level restoration with prognostic modeling 3 600 uah
  • Aesthetic tooth restoration 2 950 uah
Surgical dentistry
  • Removal of a single-rooted tooth 960 uah
  • Removal of a multi-rooted tooth 1 400 uah
  • Removal of the third molar (figure eight, wisdom tooth) 2 000 uah
  • Extraction of a tooth of the increased complexity 3 800 uah
  • Incision of the abscess 1 200 uah
  • Frenulotomy (cutting the bridle of the tongue or lip) 1 020 uah
  • Tooth extraction (atypical) 2 400 uah
  • Lip reduction 3 200 uah
  • Removal of a pathological neoplasm in the mucosa 7 200 uah
  • Installation of Straumann BLT implants from 13 455 uah
  • Installation of Osstem Ts implants from 9 900 uah
  • Sinus lifting closed from 8 000 uah
*Prices may change depending on the exchange rate
Orthodontic dentistry
  • Initial consultation 500 uah
  • Installation of the ceramic bracket system 3m ESPE of a 1-jaw 37 400 uah
  • Installation of metal bracket system 3m ESPE 1-jaw 27 800 uah
  • Location of the device Haas 8 500 uah
  • Activation of the bracket system from 550 uah
  • Schwartz apparatus from 3 800 uah
  • Installation of a system of transparent caps from 3 000 uah
  • Installation of a self-ligating metal bracket system $2,000
  • Installation of a self-ligating bracket-system aesthetic $3000
Pediatric dentistry
  • Consultation and examination 450 uah
  • Professional adaptation (30 minutes) 200 uah
  • Professional dental hygiene (milk occlusion) 445 uah
  • Professional dental hygiene (variable occlusion) 460 uah
  • Professional dental hygiene (permanent occlusion) 650 uah
  • Filling of a deciduous tooth of Standart 700 uah
  • Filling of a deciduous tooth of Standart Plus 920 uah
  • Milk tooth removal (simple) 680 uah
  • Removal of a deciduous tooth (difficult) 920 uah
  • Metal crown 1 800 uah
  • Aesthetic crown 2 300 uah

We have a comprehensive approach to treatment and recovery

Diagnosis and photofixation
At the first stage there is a consultation and examination by a dentist. We take X-rays and photofixation.
Professional hygiene
No matter how carefully we brush our teeth, plaque and stones form on them.
It is important to carry out professional cleaning first. It improves the condition of the gums and prepares for treatment.
Drawing up a treatment plan
We display X-rays and photos on big screens, we carefully analyze them.
Visually, together with the patient we say the problem, provide possible treatment options, make a plan.
The patient receives complete and reliable information about his condition, a clear treatment plan along with the timing, expected outcome and cost.
Individual treatment
Depending on the client's needs:
Rehabilitation of the oral cavity - removal of infection, chips, caries, treated canals.
Surgical treatment - tooth extraction, etc.
Orthodontic treatment - installation of braces, caps - Invisiline or liners.
Orthopedic treatment, tooth restoration. Implantation. Prosthesis.
Our doctors
Tsyurupalo Ilya Vitaliyovych
Chief physician, founder of the medical center, dentist
For 14 years of practice he has received more than 1,000 patients and performed about 13,000 procedures, has 90 certificates in surgical dentistry.

"Being a doctor is not just a profession. It is a way of life, thinking, respect for people. I always knew that I would become a dentist. I appreciate my work for the opportunity to make people happier, healthier. Aesthetics and a white smile are the key to success."
Boyko Alexander Alexandrovich
Dentist -Therapist
Dentist work experience - is 7 years. About 8,000 patients were admitted, and about 1,000 patients were admitted. 40 certificates of therapeutic treatment.

It is important to me that the patient feels comfortable at my receptions. Patient comfort is trust in the doctor. My patients are my friends.
Zaitsev Vitaly Alexandrovich
A comprehensive approach to treatment using innovative equipment and quality materials. Work experience 3 years. More than 5,000 admissions were made, about 3,000 patients were admitted. 30 certificates in orthopedic dentistry.

Working as a doctor as a vocation, since childhood he dreamed of becoming a dentist and help people, bring joy and smiles. I love my profession and what I do, because a smile is so wonderful. It is a sign of happiness and prosperity.